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Advantages of hiring a VA

There are many reasons why you might want to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be done for your business to run smoothly. Maybe you don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. Or perhaps you’re just not very good at specific tasks and could use some help. No matter what the reason, hiring a VA can be a huge help to your business.


Some benefits of hiring a VA include increased productivity, access to a broader range of skills and expertise, cost savings on office space and equipment, and improved work-life balance for yourself. With a VA taking care of mundane and repetitive tasks or specific projects, you can focus your energy on the bigger picture and growing your business! In this blog post, I will point out some of the advantages of hiring a VA and how I can help your business grow!


The most obvious reason for hiring a VA is location. Instead of being physically present, they work remotely. This means they can assist any business in the world, as long as they can communicate together.


VAs have become more popular in recent times (more so since Covid started) as they’re so flexible and cost less than a PA. They’re usually freelancers or work as a part of an agency which means they’ll have multiple clients and work for an hourly rate or a fixed fee depending on the work involved. So you don’t need to put them on your payroll.


Hiring a VA can increase your productivity. I can handle the tasks that may not be in your skill set and take up a lot of time and takes your focus away from the rest of the business, so it frees you up to work on what you do best and what drives profits for your business.


Additionally, a VA can bring a new range of skills and expertise to your business. Instead of hiring multiple employees with specific skill sets, I can handle various tasks and projects for you.


Hiring a VA can also save you money on office space and equipment. Since they work remotely, there’s no need for extra workspace or office supplies. You’ll save on the energy bill needed to power the computer and other equipment and also heat it during the colder months (and that’s another subject at the moment).


A VA can be used to grow your online presence. Website and social media are ever-more important nowadays and they need to be updated regularly which all takes time. And if your presence is on all of them, that multiplies the time required. I can help with posts and stories to your channels and update your website with content, and schedule these as well.


I’ve mentioned you don’t need to put your VA on your payroll. Other things you don’t need to do are pay for holiday pay or sick pay, you don’t need to worry about equipment or office space. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about tax, National Insurance or Pension, or even Health Insurance, if your company provides that for their staff. Other forms of leave provided by organisations for their staff include dependents leave, and maternity/paternity leave – not a worry for me, I will simply work around my family life to suit my work commitments.


A VA will not take time off sick as they work for themselves. Not being paid Sick Pay means they don’t earn if they don’t work. This ensures you get the very best service as you know your VA will only deliver the very best work to ensure you use them again.


Another thing you don’t need to be worried about when hiring a VA is office politics. The whispering behind the coffee machine about the new starter who doesn’t know what she’s doing or complaining about the co-worker and having to mediate between staff. VAs don’t suffer from the distractions associated with physical-based office jobs. Did you know that out of an eight-hour day in an office, only three hours of productive work gets done? Most office-based workers spend time talking to colleagues, scrolling through their phones, or looking for a new job.


VAs are inherently multi-skilled in lots of different programmes which can help to streamline your operation. They are tech-savvy which can help improve your office processes and services to make them leaner and quicker. They use time-saving hacks and automation to speed things up and generally make things work better.


Scaling up or down possibilities. As VAs are highly-skilled, they can generally take on the workload with minimal supervision. Crucial when your business is going through a busy period and you need to focus your efforts elsewhere in the business.


VAs can be flexible to your needs so you can scale your needs up and down by changing the number of hours required per week, or just use them monthly instead of weekly, and vice versa when the workload becomes busier.


In hiring a VA you’re also helping the planet by reducing the carbon footprint needed in travelling to and from an office. Most of the documents you get back will be sent either by email or via the cloud. Win-win!


Having a VA can improve your work-life balance. By delegating some tasks to me, you can have more time for yourself and your personal life outside of work.


Overall, by hiring me, I can bring many benefits to your business and help it grow. So consider the advantages and see if hiring me is right for you!


If you’d like me to work in your business, please do get in contact with me by emailing: [email protected]


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