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I’ve Just Landed My Perfect Client!

I’ve taken advice from so many different forums about how to attract your perfect client but until today I had no idea just who my perfect client was.

Today I met him.

I didn’t actually realise he was my perfect client until I was talking to him during our initial consultation and he was describing his needs and what he was looking for from me.

So How Did I Know He Was My Perfect Client?

This particular client was talking about how important his social media is for his business, being visible and keeping himself current and just within people’s psyche.

He knew exactly what he wanted in terms of social media support but he just couldn’t be bothered with it.  Although he knows the type of content he needs to be putting out there, but his general passion for doing so is at zero.

Landing Your Dream Client is Just The Beginning

So the chat went like a dream and we both liked what each other were saying, there’s still the small task of actually delivering the goods.

I always insist on delivering a Contract of Agreement.  Yes, it’s official and sometimes it’s a bit too official, but for me it sets out exactly what is expected from each other.  It sets out boundaries and a clear roadmap of what my services include – and what they don’t include.

It also negates that awkwardness that if things aren’t going the way they expected, there’s a course of action to get out.

I Publish My Prices On My Website

I believe prospective clients should know my prices before they decide they want to work with me.

If prospective clients know my prices and still want to work with me then there’s no surprises and no awkwardness when they discover how much I charge.

Want To Know The Other Attractive Feature On My Website?

Accountability is a very important feature I offer.  I block my time out for my clients and I only work for that client during that time.  This was one of the qualities that attracted him to contacting me.

This obviously means that if I receive a call from another client (or anyone else), I’m unable to take the call. I take my responsibilities extremely seriously.

Providing an itemised and detailed description of how I used my client’s time is a great way to show accountability.

Of course, with accountability, comes trust.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

I know that if you’re serious about the success of your business, entrusting it to a Virtual Assistant is a big step. I also know you don’t want the cheapest service – you want the best service you can afford.

Delivery * Pricing * Accountability * Trust * Best Service

Do You Need Help With Your Social Media Strategy?

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