The Bizzybirds Networking group in March 2023, held at 1066 cafe in Hastings

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Photograph: courtesy of Bizzybirds Networking

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day! 

Networking is a great event on any day of the week, but it was even better today as it fell on International Women’s Day.

The History of International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is an incredible opportunity to honour the female voice and recognise its power. It shines a spotlight on issues ranging from gender equality, violence against women and more – celebrating the positive impact of womanhood around this world!

Driven by the ambition of female rights, International Women’s Day has its roots in 20th-century labour movements from both North America and Europe. Over a century ago on 28 February, 1909, it all began with a “Women’s Day” conceived by NYC’s Socialist Party of America – setting into motion one of history’s most influential grassroots campaigns for equality!

On that day in 1909, fifteen-thousand incredible women took to the streets of New York City in protest; standing together for their rights. They demanded shorter work hours, higher wages and voting power – an inspiring demonstration of strength that showcases the true might of a unified group striving for something greater!

We've Come A Long Way Since Then - Or have We?

Over a century on, the struggle of making sure women’s voices are heard and their just compensation remains at the top of our collective consciousness. The gender pay gap is still a persistent issue despite progress in other areas!

The Power Of Networking

Networking is an institution and it needs to be understood for you to completely understand its merits and benefits.

Many people new to networking think by coming together with other businesspeople, they’re targeting those present as prospects. This misconception leads to those newbies leaving quite soon, thinking they’ve gained no leads.

The key to networking is to unlock a world of opportunity! Establish relationships and foster familiarity with those around you, so that when others are looking for assistance your business will come immediately to mind. Making connections now can set up an endless cycle of growth and success.

Bizzybirds Networking

The diversity of networking is business dynamite, connecting you with a vast array of potential opportunities. Get ready to shake hands and exchange ideas; who knows how far your contacts will take you! Every connection has the potential to open doors or provide solutions that give your venture an edge in today’s competitive market.

Bizzybirds is a powerful platform for female entrepreneurs and small business enterprises to join forces, collaborate, and leverage each other’s success. Through the vision of Jane King, this group has empowered women across industries – providing an invaluable support network they never knew existed!

It’s always a pleasure to make new acquaintances as well as reconnect with some familiar faces. There truly is something for everyone in the diverse range of businesses we encountered. I was there, along with:

Emma Vaughan


Girl Friday

Jane King


with Jane

Natalie Dodd

Bengal Burns

Home Scents

Laura Sherlock

Emin Read


Bella Friedman


Sound Bath

Everyone has a chance to share the ins and outs of their business ventures. They can explain how they provide tailored solutions for whatever problems individuals may be facing. Others get an opportunity to chime in with personal testimonies about the businesses if they’ve tried them out. They can also ask pertinent questions before making any decisions on using that service themselves.


Jane provides four Networking locations across the month in Eastbourne, Hailsham, Hastings and Seaford from 10am-midday. Extra evening opportunities to network are available in Hailsham and coming soon to Eastbourne.

Other Opportunities

There’s the added chance to get involved with Jane’s other business, X-Hail with Jane.  These are meditation sessions which combine mindful movement, breath work and meditation with chilled music.  Available both in-person and over Zoom.

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