Hastings Chamber of Commerce Networking at Hastings United Football Club

Networking at Hastings United Football Club

I love networking.  I may have said before! Today I went to Hastings for the purpose of networking in a new area.  Held by the Hastings Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Let’s Do Business Group, I went networking at Hastings United Football Club.

Networking in Different Locations

Generally, a lot of networking groups hold their events at the same place every time. However, Hastings Chamber of Commerce do things a little differently.  


Many business connections and problems have been solved through networking. And that is why Hastings Chamber of Commerce occasionally take their meetings to the venues concerned.


This month the networking meeting was held at Hastings United Football Club.

A New Vision for Hastings United FC

Hastings United Football Club has a new vision to bring the current football club up to date. This vision, in essence, includes a brand new clubhouse and three new football pitches on the Tilekiln playing fields. Although outline planning permission was approved in June 2022, these plans have, since, met a dead end.


In brief, Hastings Borough Council, who own the Tilekiln playing fields, has now decided not to sell the land to Hastings United Football Club.


As a result, the Football Club are asking people like you to sign the petition to urge the council to rethink their decision. Although the petition has been signed by 2,073 people, they still need a lot more people’s support so it can carry some weight.


The petition is at http://www.change.org/p/save-children-s-football-in-hastings-back-tilekiln-football-park 

Man pointing to presentation
James Hopkins from Hastings United Football Club gives his presentation to Hastings Chamber of Commerce
A Networking group of people
Hastings Chamber of Commerce listening to the presentation at Hastings United Football Club

Joining a Chamber of Commerce

I firmly believe that local Chambers of Commerce are a goldmines of knowledge and talent. Their advocacy for businesses is unmatched – tackling important issues and lending a helping hand when local problems arise. I am a member of lots of different networking groups and each of them is an integral part of, and add a lot of value to my business.


Being a member can, without doubt, give access to invaluable resources that can take your business to the next level. Being a part of a powerhouse organisation such as a Chamber of Commerce can truly be a game-changer for your business. 


If you own a business, I would advise you to join your local Chamber of Commerce today!

Two people smiling
Viktoria Cowley, PA Your Way with Chris Beveridge, Town City Cards

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